Tuesday, November 27, 2007

R. D. Wilson Elementary School - Mrs. Haber's Second Grade Class

We would like to introduce Flat Stanley to you. He goes to Robert D. Wilson Elementary School in Waymart, Pennsylvania. He is in Mrs. Haber’s second grade class. Our school is located in rural northeastern Pennsylvania with rolling hills filled with lots of deer, bear, and turkey. We have around 500 students, pre-k through 5th grade. Our school colors are black and gold, and our mascot is the Wildcat. From our playground we can see a long row of large windmills generating power used in Philadelphia. In our school lobby there is a display with a very old Native American canoe that was found in one of our local ponds. We start school just before Labor Day and hopefully end early in June, but that depends on how many snow days we have. Our day begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:15. Like most schools Stanley spends his day mostly reading and doing math, but there is also time for science and social studies. Like most students he likes specials, gym, art, music and library. He has a busy school day at Robert D. Wilson.

Stanley is a very active seven year old boy. He is smart and especially loves gym class. His classmates have discovered that he likes to eat pizza rolls, but is allergic to turnips and flowers. He usually drinks either apple juice or orange juice. Like many of his friends he participates in soccer or youth league softball. On weekends he likes to go to his friend’s farm and help out with chores or take a walk in the woods with his parents. In school Stanley likes to read and is working hard to learn his math facts. His favorite books are the Treehouse books as he reads about all of Jack and Annie’s adventures. We are excited about hearing about Stanley’s adventures. We know he is in good hands.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Independence Elementary School - Mrs. Schultheis' Third Grade Class

Hello! The name of our school is Independence Elementary. Our school colors are red, white and blue. Weldon Springs, Missouri is in St. Charles County. St. Charles County is just northwest of St. Louis County. We have 22 children in our class. There are 12 boys and 10 girls. We have two teacher assistance in our class; Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Katie. There are 6 classes of Third Grade in our building. We go to 3 special classes, Art, Music and PE. We have one of our special classes everyday. We have a 20 minute recess everyday before we go to lunch. Our day starts at 9:00 and we go home at 4:00. Our school year starts in July and ends in May. We take cycle breaks in October, December, March and June. Our breaks add up to a normal summer off. It is great because your family can go on vacation during all the seasons of the year if they want to. We also don’t forget what we have learned over a long summer vacation.

Our Flat Stanley goes to our school. He is in Third Grade. Flat Stanley loves to read books. His favorite subject is Science. He likes to ride a motorcycle and play sports. Cheese pizza is his favorite food. His is allergic to Barbie Dolls and has a girlfriend. Stanley is especially good at encouraging other and this allows him to have many, many friends.

Thomas Jefferson Day School - Mrs. Conklin's Third Grade Class

Mrs. Conklin's third grade class is excited to share Flat Stanley with you. We hope you enjoy him and show him a good time. The name of our school is Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School. We are a private school of about 250. We only have one grade of each, Pre-K through 12th grade. We have 20 students in our class, 9 girls and 11 boys. We are very busy learning lots of things. In math we are beginning to learn our multiplication facts. We are also making board games about the book Caleb's Story. Stanley is coming to you from Joplin, Missouri. Joplin is a city of about 47, 000. We are located in the southwest corner of Missouri. One of Joplin's newest additions is a city trolley. We are hopeful to give at least one of our Stanley visitors a ride on this. We do not have any large bodies of water in Joplin, but we have a couple of lakes about an hour away. We are not too far away from Branson and the famous Silver Dollar City.

Now, we must tell you about Stanley. He was born at Freeman Hospital. He is of course in the third grade. His favorite subject is Science. Right now he is learning about pollination and bugs. He loves spaghetti. He is also very good at sports. He wants to be a goalie for our high school soccer team, but they think he is just a little bit Flat! They did agree to let him be a Little Cavalier Critter and help cheer for the team. Some of his third grade friends are Critters with him. Stanley thinks he is allergic to medicine, but we think maybe he just doesn't really like it. Since Stanley spends a lot of time in the third grade room with many bears, he has become quite fond of them, but he also has this idea in his head that he'd like to start a shell collection. He is hopeful that he might get some along his journey. So we decided he has two things to collect, shells and bears. Stanley also loves to read too, so read him many books and send him home soon.

Clarence Center Elementary - Mr. Hardick's Third Grade Class

We are Mr. Hardick’s 3rd grade class from Clarence Center Elementary School! Our school is in Clarence Center New York, which is just outside of Buffalo. There are 11 girls and 9 boys in our class. Stanley has been with us for a few weeks and he’s quite the character. Just like the other kids in our room, Stanley likes to laugh and goof around with his friends. He does a good job working though, and even got an A+ on his buoyancy project (he made a boat out of recycled egg cartons). Stanley also won the Student Of The Week award in September for being polite and helpful to his classmates.

Stanley enjoys science, reading, gym and recess here at school. He plays hockey and has a pet praying mantis that we keep here in the classroom. Playing in the snow is one of Stanley’s favorite activities. He skis, snowboards and rides a snowmobile. Stanley is a good student and a good friend to his classmates and we’ll miss him while he’s gone.

Clarence Center Elementary - Mrs. Zabel's Third Grade Class

Hello! We are a third grade class from Clarence Center Elementary School. We are about 20 minutes from Buffalo, New York. There are 20 students in our class; 10 boys and 10 girls. We begin our day at 8am and leave school at 2:30pm. Our teacher’s name is Mrs. Zabel. We also have Mrs. Funk, Mrs. Stoness, Mrs. Gardiner and Mrs. Mohnsen come into our class to help us learn.

Flat ‘Clarence’ loves to do many things. He loves playing baseball and soccer in the warmer weather. He also rides his bike on the many bike paths we have in our town. In the winter he enjoys sledding, skiing and building snowmen. His favorite food is…chicken wings! It doesn’t matter if they are BBQ, mild or hot! He is also a huge sports fan…especially the Buffalo Sabres(hockey) and the Buffalo Bills(football). In school, Clarence loves science and reading. He also enjoys using the computers. Flat Clarence is excited to see new schools and new areas of our country. He is looking forward to meeting new friends!

Harrison Elementary School - Second Grade Classes

The Flat Stanley project is being done as a Tech Class project with three 2nd grade classes at Harrison Elementary School in Port Huron, Michigan. In Mrs. Werth’s class, there are 8 girls and 8 boys in our class. She will be taking Flat Stanley for the first exchange. Ms. Weatherspoon has 8 boys and 9 girls and she will do the 2nd exchange and Ms. Chavez has 10 boys and 7 girls and she will do the third exchange and then we will rotate through again.

Our school is in Port Huron, Michigan, the Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes. It is a quiet town that borders Sarnia, Ontario, which is in Canada. Port Huron has an international border crossing marked by the twin spans of the Blue Water Bridge.

We are thrilled to have our new student, Flat Stanley, visiting with you! At our school, he especially likes going to one of his five special classes each day. He loves our music class with Mr. Rambaum and is busy rehearsing for our Christmas concert in December. He is hoping that he will get a part playing one of the musical instruments. Flat Stanley likes going to art class. He likes to make jack-o-lanterns with the help of our art teacher, Mrs. McQuiston. He has a little trouble holding the crayons and should work on developing his upper body strength! Flat Stanley seems to be enjoy having fun at Harrison School and I’m sure he will enjoy visiting yours. If he is allergic to anything, we haven’t noticed yet—hopefully you will be watching for that.

Athens-Chilesburg Elementary - Ms. McKinney's Third Grade Class

Hello! We are a group of 3rd graders from Lexington, Kentucky. Our school is called Athens-Chilesburg Elementary. We are so excited to introduce you to our classroom friend, Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley was born in Lexington, Kentucky. He is now a 3rd grader at Athens-Chilesburg Elementary School (or ACE for short). His favorite subject in school is math because he loves numbers. He especially loves PE class because he gets to run around and play fun activities. Flat Stanley’s hobbies are riding his bike and collecting pins. (He is currently wearing a UK pin.) His favorite food is pizza with lots of cheese. Be careful because Flat Stanley is allergic to bananas and broccoli! When it’s rainy or cold outside, he likes to read books and drink hot chocolate. Flat Stanley also likes being outdoors. His favorite thing to do outside is ride his bike. Flat Stanley loves going to school at ACE because his teacher is the best and he gets to see all of his friends everyday.

Lexington is Flat Stanley’s hometown. It is a great city to live in. It is located in the Appalachian Mountains and the “Bluegrass State.” Lexington has rivers, lakes, hills, and valleys. The weather in Lexington is different in each season. In the spring it is rainy and summers in Lexington are very hot and humid. It is breezy and chilly in the fall, but in the winter it can get very cold. Flat Stanley’s favorite season is fall because he loves when the leaves on the trees change to bright, warm colors.

Flat Stanley’s favorite sports team is the Kentucky Wildcats. He loves to go to Rupp Arena and watch the UK basketball team. And on Saturdays in the fall, he can be found tailgating in front of Commonwealth Stadium before UK football games. Flat Stanley also enjoys going to Keenland in the spring to watch the Thoroughbred horses race.